Scotland, Homesickness, and a Hard Goodbye

“Oh my gosh, it’s Flying Tiger!!! I’ve missed it so much, I need to buy all the things!!!”

– Taylor

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend Taylor came to visit me for my week long break from school! It was truly a dream. We spent 6 days in Copenhagen/Sweden and 3 days in Scotland. Traveling to Scotland was truly incredible as I got to see the world where Taylor studied abroad last year. We spent a day in Edinburgh, but we spent most of our time walking through St. Andrews so that she could reminisce and show me how this place had deeply transformed her life.

One of Taylor’s favorite places to spend her time was this quiet, hidden cove/beach where she spent hours reading, journaling, and reflecting. When she took me down some stairs to it, I instantly fell in love too. We sat on a rock for half an hour, just being together. So nice!

She also made sure to pander to my architecture nerd side and showed me some amazing ruins! One of the oldest churches in the area is nothing but a couple of walls now and a ton of gravestones. It was wild to stand on the site and imagine what life was like 500 years ago! That said, I’ll stay in the present with my iPhone and indoor heating, thank you very much.

However, the highlight had to be our last dinner in St. Andrews where I got to meet her best friends from her time abroad. We had fish and chips at a local restaurant and we spent the night catching up on life updates. It was so much fun to watch her light up as she was clearly among people that mean the world to her!

Unfortunately, as with all great times that we have, Taylor and I still live the long-distance life, and have to say goodbye when our time comes to a close. Although this goodbye wasn’t as hard as when I left the states in August, it still sat with me, and I definitely have found my homesickness coming in stronger waves now.

The last two weeks have been a bit rougher as a result, but I’ve responded by leaning into my host family and friends. I expected the feeling to come a lot sooner than it did, so I’m happy for that. That said, I definitely am working to balance thinking about home and talking with friends with engaging in activities here in Copenhagen. I’ve found my moments of quiet and alone time to be more important and ever to carve out space for me and my needs.

Next week is my other study tour with DIS, which will also be a nice way to keep myself focused on something else rather than missing home! My group will be traveling to the Netherlands and Germany, with stops in Amsterdam, Cologne and Hamburg. I’ll be sure to share photos after the trip is over!

For those of you who stayed to the end, here’s a list of the things that I’m missing most from home in honor of homesickness!

  • Driving my own car! (Wow I did not expect this one as much as I feel it now. Public transportation is incredible and all, but I can’t wait to jump in my car and drive somewhere. Traffic included!)
  • My mom’s Korean food. (My host family actually found a solid Korean restaurant in my neighborhood, but my goodness am I still craving my mom’s cooking.)
  • My cats and my dog. (Mojo, the dog here with my host family, is great and all but I miss my little rascals. Here’s a picture in their honor.)
Koala prepping to take a swing at Polar Bear. Photo creds to my mom.
  • annnnnnnnnnnnd of course Taylor, my family, and my best friends from home. (Here’s a windy photo from our time in Scotland to remember the great times!)

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  1. So glad you had these great adventures with Taylor and got to see more of the world! May you have a wonderful time on your next excursion and can’t wait to hear about that one!!


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